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Carrusel de imágenes presentando Navarra

Why Navarre?

Map of Navarre with the 4 zones: Pyrenees, Pamplona basin, Central zone and La Ribera

Because, in the short distance from the north to the south of Navarra (Navarre), you can enjoy a Kingdom of Diversity. Check it out for yourself.

Close your eyes, listen to the sound of the leafy beech forest of the Selva de Irati, and feel the blue cold of the mountain air of the Pyrenees on your face. Open your eyes, and listen to the magical silence that accompanies the endless earthy colours of the desert-like landscape of the Bardenas Reales.

Move your body to the rhythm of the fiestas of San Fermín, or your feet to the steady step of the pilgrims who travel the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago from Roncesvalles.

Let yourself be seduced by delightful tastes of the north such as traditional sheep's cheese and migas de pastor (literally, shepherd's breadcrumbs) or the varied produce from the market gardens along the Ebro valley: chard, artichokes or asparagus, accompanied by Navarra designation of origin wines.

Discover these and a whole range of possibilities in the ancient Reyno de Navarra (Kingdom of Navarre).

Pyrenees of Navarre The Pamplona Basin The Central Zone La Ribera
Reasons for discovering Navarre